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Our primary business is web design and Internet marketing but that's not all we do. iMarket® offers a whole host of related programming and multimedia design services that are listed below. Contact Us.....

Ontario Web Design - Websites that are Responsive to both Mobile & Desktop
Our primary service is designing high-traffic websites that present product information and services in an attractive format, which can be easily found in the search engines. Most of our web design customers are in Ontario but we have a long list of clients reaching right across Canada and the USA. We are in our 21st year in business and manage the websites for over 200 businesses. We specialize in the tourism industry, mainly fishing lodges, camps and resorts. We also have many industrial and commercial customers with clusters in the machine tool and transportation products industry.

Ontario Mini Add-on Mobile Websites
All websites need to be mobile friendly. You can take it one step farther by adding an additional mobile website to your domain. A mobile website is not a large research document like your main website; rather it's a convenient way for mobile users to get quick access to information on the go such as contact information, location and an introduction to your products and services.

In 21 years of business we are still managing the websites for all the lodges that we have ever made websites for, with the exception of three. One customer retired and sold off his outpost camps to my other lodge customers. Two lodges were sold and the new owners decided to try Internet marketing for themselves. Reading the testimonials below will show you why we have such a great track record.

AODA Act of Ontario - W3C WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Compliance
The new AODA Act of Ontario requires that all businesses with one or more employees must have their Internet information available in a format that is WCAG 2.0 Accessibility compliant for the hearing and visually impaired. This will not be enforced until 2016.

Internet Marketing for Lodges & Tourism Resorts
We have several species-specific information-rich high-traffic fishing and hunting websites, which are also directories for Ontario lodges, resorts, outpost camps & outfitters. Listings are free for lodges that hire us to design a website or there is a fee to other lodges. iMarket networks with tourism marketing specialists to widen the scope of marketing opportunities for our lodge clients.

Ontario Logo Designer for Web & Print
It was never our intention to be logo designers but many of our customers were disappointed with ideas from graphic design firms and have come to us for logo designs, especially when the logo needs to be integrated into the design of the website.

Ontario Dedicated Server Web Hosting
The type of website hosting can greatly affect the quantity and quality of traffic you get to your website. A clean server with a good IP reputation, which only hosts well-built websites and is free of spammers, allows websites to reach their ranking potential. This can be boosted by assigning a dedicated IP address to your domain.

Custom Lake Maps for Lodges
For lodges; a detailed map of your lake or river systems is a very guest-pleasing addition to the information presented on your website. Fisher-persons are most interested in information about the lake such as shape, structure and depth. It is often a very important factor in the decision to book a fishing trip at your lodge.

3D Animation Designer
From time-to-time we dress-up our website designs with some 3D Animation or clients hire us to make an animation showcasing a product that needs motion to thoroughly describe its functionality.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO
The search engines have changed immensely. They want to bring the Internet back to what it was meant to be, which is a research medium; not an advertising medium. They also want to eliminate websites that try to artificially increase the value of the information presented or eliminate websites that mislead people. Through hundreds of hours of research, along with trial and error; we have uncovered the secrets of Google, Bing and Yahoo's search algorithms. Proper SEO starts with a website's construction.

Ontario Graphic Designer for Print
We network with a few graphic designers that specialize in specific industries. We often need a cooperative designer that is willing to create printed material with the same style and focus as the websites we design. One of the graphic designers we most often work with specializes in the tourism industry; specifically fishing and hunting lodges.

Custom Relational Database Design & Phone Apps
We're experts in custom application development, from complex integration of back office systems and legacy databases to developing mobile apps for customers on the move. Because we're designers as well as developers, you know your online solution will be as attractive as it is functional.

Custom Application & Server Programming / Software Engineering
Custom Intranet & Internet Server Programming on LINUX & UNIX. Custom Desktop Application Development and installing UNIX web servers and configuring Apache.

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