Hi Gary,

I just wanted to let you know that we've had extremely positive feedback from new and returning guests about our website.

The amount of bookings we've been getting is phenomenal !!

I just want to thank you again for all the hard work you've put into it, along with your knowledge of our business.

Thanks again,
Sheri Brandt
Red Cedar Lake Camp - www.redcedarlakecamp.com

Hello Gary,

Just wanted to let you know that our bookings so far are better than they have been in years and when we ask the guests how they found us, it is 90% internet and they love our website. We have also received compliments from a tourist outfitter and a tourist outfitter realtor (who has been in the business for 30 years plus) say that it is the best website they have ever seen and they have seen many.


Diane & Urs Brunner
Auld Reekie Lodge - www.auldreekielodge.com

I have been with Gary since 2001. He designed my original website and built my new one last year. I have had dozens of compliments on the website and derive 100% of new bookings from it. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Gary and his knowledge, we wouldn't have the successful business that we now have.

Roxann & Doug Lynn
Moose Horn Lodge - www.mosehorn.net

Hi Gary

We are so happy with the website! I've had more phone calls in the last 3 weeks than in the last 5 years with our old site! I also had a fellow call re: deer hunting and he said it is one of the nicest websites he's seen! Didn't have alot of questions because the site answered most of them!

Right now we have "The New Fly-Fisher show" filming here.

Take care & thank you!

Terry & Merrill Kluke
Merkel's Camp - www.merkelscamp.com


You run a top notch service. The website is doing so well we are fortunate to NOT have to put forth an effort into winter sport shows in the States anymore, which drives costs way up, plus it's a lot of extra work during the off season. Much appreciated !!

Jody & Tonya Loew
Crystal Beach Resort - www.fishcrystal.com

Hey Gary

I THINK THE WEBSITE IS PERFECT!!! WOW! YOU ARE AN AMAZING ARTIST! I shared it with my closest associates and they all think it just rocks!

It just blows me away that you managed to make our logo look that good. It is such a "Technicolor barf" logo – which I love for TV – but is difficult for print and designing web around! (I know, because I've tried…. And failed! Ha!)

LOVE the "NIGHT" look and how you used the blue and dark brown hues to pop that logo. The wood arch is BRILLIANT and the animated gif is perfect! Love the balance of the pics and the fish, too. Just all very professional, clean, and stylistic! WOW!

The framing of the manu page links with the highlighted wood bars there and at the bottom are very nice, too. The shadow light fall off at the edges of all of the wood is great, too. I wish I could construct a bar at my house that looked just like this! Ha!

Looks great on my mobile phone, too.

Thanks again, very much. Just brilliant, Gary!

Best regards,
Bill Greene
Producer - The Lip'em & Rip'em TV Fishing Show - Colorado

We are the owners of Cozy Camp, a fishing & hunting resort in Northwestern Ontario. We have always had a web site but felt that it could have done more for us if marketed properly. We were not getting any direct inquiries from our web site at all. Needless to say we were not happy with the existing web site and starting looking for something better.

We had Gary from iMarket build a new web site for us in November of 2005. We immediately started to get numerous direct e-mails wanting information on our resort. As a result of this our bookings increased significantly. We have been able to reduce the number of costly trade shows we attend to just one. Our sales have increase at least 100%. In 2013 we had Gary design a new website with updated technology and our sales received another big boost. This was the best advertising investment we have ever made, giving us the largest return for our money.

If you want to increase your sales substantially, we suggest that you have iMarket build & market a web site that will not only work for you, but is very well put together and eye catching to potential clients. We have people that visit our web site regularly, just to look at it. They constantly compliment us on the professional look, and how easy our site is to navigate. We can't say enough about our new web site. It is a major part of our business.

Thank you Gary !!!

Dan & Anne Burkholder
Cozy Camp - www.cozycamp.com


Having you take over and build us a new website has been the best marketing move that we have made in all the years of owning Bonny Bay! Everytime we talk to a potential customer as well as old customer they compliment us on the site. While at the Minneapolis All Canada Show I met the people from Cozy Camp, who I know that you have built a site for. I questioned them on how satisfied they were with your service and they have the same impression as I do!

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Len & Nancy Davis
Bonny Bay Camp - www.bonnybay.com


Thanks for your passionate interest in our industry. The more I hear about you, the more impressed I am. We appreciate all your hard work.

Best Regards,

Tom Rinow
Marten River Lodge - www.martenriverlodge.com

We have been with Gary at iMarket for many years and he has done a wonderful job for us – his prices are excellent as well as his service to the site (updates, etc.). Traffic to our website increases every year and we have no problem filling our cabins - would highly recommend him for your website designer. We have had many great comments about it and how easy it is to navigate.

Robert and Vicki Lowe,
Black Bear Camp - www.blackbearcamp.com