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Why Lodges?

This is Gary, owner of iMarket®. All through high school, both times in college and a couple of other summers in-between, I worked as a fishing guide for fly-in fishing lodges north of Wawa, Red Lake and Nakina, Ontario. As you may have guessed I am a fishing fanatic. I love doing work for fishing lodges as it makes life a lot more interesting. Not only do I specialize in designing web sites for resorts and lodges, I have created a high-traffic lodge directory for my lodge customers that is 100% compliant with new search engine algorithms introduced by Google, namely the Panda and Penguin updates. That is right, we have found out Google's big secret. At present our outdoor network gets 2.2 million page views per year and the traffic is growing fast now that adjustments have been made based on our new knowledge. We are hoping for 5 million by 2016.

If you hire iMarket® to design a web site for your lodge, inclusion in my network is free. I charge a yearly fee to all other lodges. Packages range from $99 to $300 per year. My fishing and hunting network gets over a million visitors per year. Below is a link to my Walleye fishing site.

Please email Gary for more information.

  Walleye Heaven:
This website is a species-specific website dedicated to Walleye fishing in Ontario. It attracts visitors by supplying fishing tips, fish cooking recipes, Walleye research information and a complex lodge directory organized by location and services offered. Go to Google and search on "Ontario Walleye Fishing". Visit website

We have the same style of fishing websites for Northern Pike, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Brook Trout. We have the same style of hunting websites for Moose, Black Bear, Waterfowl and Whitetail Deer. We have two general websites for outfitters and camps in Ontario.

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